Places To Visit

Devika River, Udhampur

Udhampur is also well known city for the Devika river. the Devika river is also known as the younger sister of the Ganges. In the Nilmat Puran that was written in the 7th century by Nela Muni, it is mentioned that the Devika River is a manifestation of the mother Goddess Parwati herself to benefit the people of Mader Desha that covers areas between river Ravi and Chenab and the river Devika appeared on Shiv Ratri. Lord Shiva himself remains side by side with his consort Uma manifesting himself in form of Shiv Lingas at 8 places alongside the Devika river.

ISKCON Temple, Udhampur

ISKCON Udhampur , the biggest Radha Krishna Temple of J&K, was inagaurated on auspicious occasion of Sri Balram Purnima in 2005. Udhampur ISKCON temple was started after the once great Acharya Saraswati Thakur Ji Maharaj visited this small town. Prabhat Pheri is carried out on all 365 days of the year which is a unique feature of ISKCON Udhampur and during every major festival akhand kirtan (24 hour kirtan) is conducted. All main festivals including appearance and disaapearance days of Acharayas are celebrated enthusiastically followed by spontaneous prasadam.

Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar is situated on the left bank of Kud river in mid Himalayan range, about 40 Kms west of Udhampur. Ramnagar also served as the capital of old Bandarlta State.Raja Suchet Singh besides being a valiant general was also a great connoisseur of arts. He took much interest in Ramnagar and built the places Shish Mahal and Purana Mahal. He also renovated the fort situated in the town. The Nawa Mahal complex was built by Raja Ram Singh, who succeeded to the Ramnagar throne in A.D. 1844. Tourists can reach this fort by using a narrow bridge over the boat.

Group of Temples Kiramchi

Kiramchi is a small village in Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir State. It lies 12 kms north of Udhampur on Udhampur-Lander road and 67 kms from Jammu. The complex consists of five temples and two small shrines. This valley amidst green mountains is located at an elevation of 730 m above the mean sea level . Two rivulets namely "Birunala" and Kiramchi are draining this area. The local tradition says that in the past it was a halting place on Jammu- Kashmir route through Banihal . According to the contemporary of Pandavas of Mahabharata was responsible to lay the foundation of this place.

Surinsar Lake

Surinsar Lake, located approximately 24 km away from Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, is a haven for people looking for a peaceful place of their own –far from the maddening crowds. This popular tourist spot provides some stunning views of dense vegetative growths, lush meadows and hilly terrains and is loved for its serenity and peace. As per legendary tales doing the rounds in this region, this mesmerizing lake is linked to Arjuna - the legendary warrior of Mahabharata. It is believed that Arjun had once shot his arrow into the landscapes of Mansar which had pierced the depths of the Earth and had come out the very spot where Surinsar Lake exists.

Sudh Mahadev

This highly revered Shiva temple is located at a distance of 42 Kms from Patnitop and 112 Kms from Jammu ,Legend has it that after bathing at a spring called Gouri Kund, just short of Sudh Mahadev ,the Goddess Parvati would worship the Shivling here that is believed to be at least 3000 years old .The temple also houses a black marble statue of local Shiva and Parvati .A trishul of Lord Shiva is also preserved here.Pilgrims in large number visit the shrine on the full moon night Of Sawan to participate in the festival to worship Lord Shiva. The mystical underground stream,Devak believed to be as sacred as the Ganges originates at Sudh Mahadev